WHITE SHRIMP (നാരൻ ചെമ്മീൻ)

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The Indian white prawn inhabits the coasts of East Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, the Gulf, Pakistan, the Southwest and East coast of India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Southern China and the Northern coast of Australia. P. indicus is non-burrowing, active at both day and night, and prefers a sandy mud bottom. In the processing plants, the shrimp are cleaned and sorted into various grades to suit export requirements. Depending on market requirements, shrimp may be processed into several forms, such as simple block frozen, ready-to-eat, whole chilled, IQF, and cooked products, which are exported by container ship or air cargo.

Nutrient Information

One serving of shrimp provides around 90 calories of energy. The energy from carbohydrate is low thus it has low glycemic index and thus good for diabetic patients.Shrimp proteins are made up of alpha amino acids. Shrimp contain all the 20 essential aminoacids in varying proportions as per needs of human beings.The predominance of Phospholipids in shrimp lipids indicates its nutritional quality. Food energy contributed by Indian white shrimp(in K kcal/100g) Calories-88 Carbohyadrates-2 Fat 9.9 Proteins-76.4.

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