About Us


Matsyafed, the Kerala State Co-operative Federation for Fisheries Development Ltd., was registered on 19th March 1984 as an Apex Federation of primary level welfare societies in the coastal fishery sector with the objective of ensuring the economic and social development of the fishermen community by implementing various schemes aimed at promoting the production, procurement, processing and marketing of fish and fish products.

Our Mission is to improve the economic and social well-being of the the fishermen in Kerala through direct interventions in fish production, procurement and marketing.
Over the years, ‘Matsyafed’ has partnered with ‘Kerala Fisherfolk ‘ to maintain a productive and sustainable  fishing that is committed to the protection and replenishment of fishery resources.  Together, we have a created a record of innovation in investment, production, procurement and marketing. Our vision continues to be hand-holding the fisherfolk through a process of credit, technological innovations and capacity building, for a total community development by enabling them to wipe out the existing pockets of poverty and facilitating them to merge with the mainstream society.