SARDINE (മത്തി)

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These fish only spawn once during the spawning season. The distribution of the fish throughout the spawning season is determined by the size and age of the fish. he peak period for commercial catch is June and July, when the juvenile fish have fattened themselves to prepare for their first spawning season. Rarely does S. longiceps survive a second spawn, but this is much more common in females. These fish only spawn once in a spawning season and produce around 75,000 eggs. The development of the egg requires only 24 hours.

Nutrient Information

High in Anti-Inflammatory Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Rich in Essential Nutrients

Contain Vitamin B12

High in Selenium

Protect Bone Health

Defend Against Mood Disorders

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Promote Weight Loss

Low in Mercury and Pollutant

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Sliced, Whole, Whole Cleaned, Fry Cut


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