Squid (കണവ)

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Indian Ocean Squid or Indian Squid, is an Indo-West Pacific species of squid with a wide range throughout the Indian Ocean to Malaysia and the South China Sea, and is also present in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.It is found at depths between 3m and 170m and feeds on fishes, crustaceans and other squids. Individuals have mantles moderately long (commonly up to 150mm) and slender with broad fins approximately 50% of the mantle length.

Nutrient Information

Squid  is low in total fat, high in protein and is a significant source of a number of essential vitamins and minerals. The omega 3 content and protein in the squid helps to reduce risk of cardio vascular diseases, obesity, hyper tension, high cholesterol and diabetics. Vitamin B12 in the cuttlefish helps to form red blood cells and vitamin C accelerate the healing process. Vitamin B6 boosts our immune system. High calcium and phosphorus support the development of healthy bone and teeth.

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